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Sunday funday fightday bonanza


So we’re going to switch it up this week and look at Futurama sesason 1.  From the best to the third best here it is:

1. A Big Piece of Garbage

2. Fear of a Bot Planet

3. I, Roommate

The first two episodes aren’t that strong but they started hitting their comedy stride in episode 3, I, Roommate.  They started up again with season 6 on Comedy Central but I haven’t been a fan of any of the new episodes, I’ll have to give them another go over.  Who knows where they would be if Fox hadn’t jerked them around and kept switching their day and start time.

We filmed the new skit and it’ll be done by tomorrow.  So set your calendars and be ready.




I don’t know if you’ve seen this one but:

As for this Sunday we’ll be looking at Seinfeld the season 2.

From top 1 to the third here are the best episodes of season 2:

1. The Chinese Restaurant

2. The Heart Attack

3. The Pony Remark

With honorable mentions going to The Jacket because of the scene with George and Jerry and Elaine’s dad.  I’d say they hit their stride with The Chinese Restaurant though.

Next week we’ll be looking at this kid:


So Sunday Funday Fightday Bonanza is all about letting you and us know what the best tv shows are and what their best episodes are.

This week we’ll take a look at Seinfeld season 1.

Aww, looks like they’re having fun.

This one is easy since the first season had 5 episodes, counting the pilot.

The stand-up in all of them is pretty good.

So in descending order or ascending; I’ll just number them.

1. Episode 5 – The Stock Tip

2. Episode 2 – The Stakeout

3. Episode 3 – The Robbery

Seinfeld started midseason and wasn’t expected to do too much.  They did alright though, Larry David has something like 500 million dollars.

Look at that guy.